Arizona State Facts and Symbols

Arizona became the 48th state in 1912 and is the 14th largest state by population with about 7.1 million residents. It is also the 6th largest state by land and water area with a total area of 113,998 square miles. Phoenix, which is the capital city of Arizona, is the nation's fifth largest city with a population of over 1.5 million people.

The name Arizona is based on two words. The first is "arizuma" which is an Aztec Indian word meaning "silver-bearing." The second is "arizonac" which is a Pima Indian word meaning "little spring place."

Included below are more facts and symbols, a state map, the state song and views of the Arizona State Quarter.

Arizona State Flag

Arizona State Flag

Arizona State Facts

Arizona State Capital - Phoenix

State Nickname - The Grand Canyon State

State Flower - Saguaro Blossom

State Tree - Palo Verde

State Bird - Cactus Wren

State Butterfly - Two-tailed Swallowtail

State Fish - Arizona Trout

State Reptile - Arizona Ridge-nosed Rattlesnake

State Amphibian - Arizona Treefrog

State Mammal - Ringtail

State Gemstone - Turquoise

State Fossil - Petrified Wood

State Colors - Federal Blue and Old Gold

State Neckwear - Bola Tie

Arizona State Map:

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Arizona State Map

Arizona State Song:

Written by Margaret Rowe Clifford
Composed by Maurice Blumenthal

Come to this land of sunshine
To this land where life is young.
Where the wide, wide world is waiting,
The songs that will now be sung.
Where the golden sun is flaming
Into warm, white shining day,
And the sons of men are blazing
Their priceless right of way.


Come stand beside the rivers
Within our valley broad.
Stand here with heads uncovered,
In the presence of our God!
While all around, about us
The brave, unconquered band,
As guardians and landmarks
The giant mountains stand.


Not alone for gold and silver
Is Arizona great.
But with graves of heroes sleeping,
All the land is consecrate!
O, come and live beside us
However far ye roam
Come and help us build up temples
And name those temples "home."


Sing the song that's in your hearts
Sing of the great Southwest,
Thank God, for Arizona
In splendid sunshine dressed.
For thy beauty and thy grandeur,
For thy regal robes so sheen
We hail thee Arizona
Our Goddess and our queen.

Arizona State Quarter

Arizona State Quarter - FrontArizona State Quarter - Back

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