Kentucky State Facts and Symbols

Kentucky became the 15th state in 1792 and is the 26th largest state by population with about 4.4 million residents. It is also the 36th largest state by land and water area with a total area of 40,409 square miles. Kentucky is home to Louisville, which is the nation's 30th largest city with a population of approximately 557,000 people.

The name Kentucky is of Native American origin and originally referred to the Kentucky River. The name has been associated with more than one language producing several meanings which include "land of tomorrow", "cane and turkey lands" and "meadow lands."

Kentucky is one of four states which consider themselves to be a Commonwealth. The other three are Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Virginia. A State and a Commonwealth are considered to be the same and equal in regards to their status in the United States of America.

Included below are more facts and symbols, a state map, the state song and views of the Kentucky State Quarter.

Kentucky State Flag

Kentucky State Flag

Kentucky State Facts

Kentucky State Capital - Frankfort

State Nickname - The Bluegrass State

State Motto - "United We Stand, Divided We Fall"

State Flower - Goldenrod

State Tree - Tulip Poplar

State Bird - Cardinal

State Fish - Kentucky Spotted Bass

State Animal - Grey Squirrel

State Dance - Clogging

State Mineral - Coal

State Food - Milk

State Gemstone - Freshwater Pearl

State Fossil - Brachiopod

State Fruit - Blackberry

State Rock or Stone - Kentucky Agate

State Butterfly - Viceroy Butterfly

State Horse - Thoroughbred

Kentucky State Map:

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Kentucky State Map

Kentucky State Song:

"My Old Kentucky Home"

Kentucky State Quarter

Kentucky State Quarter - FrontKentucky State Quarter - Back

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