North Dakota State Facts and Symbols

North Dakota became the 39th state in 1889 and is the 47th largest state by population with about 750,000 residents. It is also the 17th largest state by land and water area with a total area of 70,700 square miles.

North Dakota and South Dakota became states on the same day. The order they were admitted is done alphabetically making North Dakota the 39th and South Dakota the 40th.

The name Dakota is a Sioux Indian word meaning "friend."

Included below are more facts and symbols, a state map, the state song and views of the North Dakota State Quarter.

North Dakota State Flag

North Dakota State Flag

North Dakota State Facts

North Dakota State Capital - Bismarck

State Nickname - The Prairie State

State Slogan - North Dakota has four nicknames:
(The Peace Garden State, The Flickertail State,
The Roughrider State and The Dakota State)

State Motto - "Liberty and Union Now and Forever, One and Inseparable"

State Flower - Wild Prairie Rose

State Tree - American Elm

State Bird - Western Meadowlark

State Fish - Northern Pike

Honorary State Equine - Nokota Horse

State Fossil - Teredo Petrified Wood

State Grass - Western Wheatgrass

State Dance - Square Dance

State Fruit - Chokecherry

State Beverage - Milk

North Dakota State Map:

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North Dakota State Map

North Dakota State Song:

North Dakota Hymn
The words were written by James W. Foley.
The music was composed by Dr. C.S. Putnam.

North Dakota State Quarter

North Dakota State Quarter - FrontNorth Dakota State Quarter - Back

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